Firstport is a unisex clothing brand focused on design that embraces the spirit of travel, dreams, and discovery. Founded in Connecticut, Firstport is influenced first and foremost by its Roots: The New England towns and beautiful Shoreline we know all too well, in addition to friends, good times, and experiences that left us desiring places, people, and things far beyond our home. Our Upbringing is woven into our DNA. We’re from a place where New York City was practically in our backyard, we could hop the train and get a dose of the big city rush and make it back to our quiet town before dinner, blending two worlds. The Hamptons was a 40 minute boat ride away exposing us to the sea. We always thought  it was  fascinating that Long Island can be seen in the distance while driving along Connecticut’s Gold coast. We’re big on the simple details, friends, and adventure. Everything we do is a direct reflection of all the experiences we've had (or aspire to have), places we've seen (or dream of seeing), and people we've met along the way (or have yet to encounter) Firstport is an open-ended story, a world, and a place of departure for the next journey.

Scott Disick in our  Hamptons NY Sweatshirt

Lauren Giraldo in our French Riviera Sweatshirt

Pete Davidson in our Paris Golf Sweatshirt

Naz Perez in our Stockholm Design T-shirt

Caroline Arapoglou in our Mykonos Athletics T-shirt

Rick Ross in our Paris Tennis T-shirt